Wednesday, March 18, 2015


How much is that open position costing you?

There are numerous costs associated with an unfilled position in any company. Many of these costs are difficult to quantify, but nonetheless are very real, and can be very costly.

TEAM COSTS: Leadership, idea generation, and skills are lost. There is an increased chance of others leaving. Team unification may be dramatically impacted. Open positions may affect the idea generation of others because co-workers are frustrated or overworked and may adversely affect product quality through increased error rates.

PERSONNEL COSTS: Is-the-company-doing-well gossip. Greater incidences of illness, absenteeism, and tardiness, Less focus on employee growth because they are off in a training session, Increased frustration, Less quality work; increased error rates, Lower chance of employees reaching individual goals, Higher turnover, Reduced creativity and innovative.

MANAGEMENT COSTS: Less manager time with employees Frustration over less corporate support higher middle-management. This can impact morale and it may lead to a high management turnover rate.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE COSTS: Excessive vacancies may cause employers to panic and to "quickly" hire some poor performers. Once the team is saddled with a large number of poor performers, they may never be able to hire any new top performers. Analysts perceive them as weak. Competitors see them as vulnerable.

CUSTOMER COSTS: The aftermath of unfilled jobs leaves bad impression on the minds of customers that a certain organization is getting weak or they don't care about them. This would in turn lead to loss of sales volume, unfilled orders and reduced service, new product launch delays and false impressions.

REAL COSTS: Loss of revenue is the most obvious and most quantifiable cost associated with open positions

Don’t be fooled into believing that open positions cost you only some overtime. The truth is Unfilled Job can expose your organization to unforeseen and unacceptable expenses.

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